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The supplier for many of our tinned tomato range founded their industry in 1959 in the La Rioja region in Spain. They are focussed on high quality with low energy consumption and sustainability.

Their sauce (perfect for pizza), is made with natural ingredients, using traditional methods to preserve the authentic flavour. Their crushed tomatoes, and tomato concentrate tins are made immediately after harvesting the tomatoes, at their optimum maturity, then reducing the water content to preserve the rich tomato flavour and aroma, the only addition to this tin is a tiny amount of citric acid to regulate the acidity.

Many of our jars come from Conservas JJJ; with fifty years of experience in the industry, they focus on high quality products. From tuna loins, to chickpeas and lentils the taste speaks for itself; you don’t need to cover their products in sauce as the flavour is intense and independent.

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