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Spain has been curing meats since the Roman times; it is recognised globally for the flavour and is hugely ingrained in the Spanish culture and tradition, with centuries of farming.

Located in the heart of the province of Leon, our cured meat producer, Palcasa, has been managed as a family business since 1969. The family has been producing sausages since the 1940’s and is focussed on high quality food using 100% natural ingredients with no added colours or preservatives where possible. They won the international Great taste awards in 2020 for their beautiful chorizo extra (extra being the highest quality).

Iberico range

Iberico pigs are also referred to as Pata Negra (the black footed pig) who mainly feed on acorns and have a moderately active life roaming free-range through forests.

Our Iberico ham, chorizo and salchichon supplier uses only natural ingredients. They maintain control over the whole process; carefully selecting the breed, raising the pigs on their own farms, and also producing the feed for the pigs which includes oleic acids (known for their health benefits). In this way, they can ensure sanitary excellence, traceability and ensure animal welfare. Their commitment to sustainability includes research to reducing waste.

The quality of iberico hams vary greatly; the products we supply are of outstanding quality, which is mainly based on the texture, juiciness, flavour and also the levels of oleic acid which reflects the high percentage of healthy infiltrated fat, and also gives the characteristic marbled appearance.

Please contact us if you want to know more about our cured meat range, alternatively:

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