Weekly Shopping Guide

Here at DeGusta, we are big supporters of sustainability and aim to encourage an affordable and healthy lifestyle with our premium quality products. That's why, following the advice from experts (busy families who care about their health, their time and their bank balance!), we have put together an easy

guide to help you with your weekly shop.

Thinking ABOUT what to cook

It might sound tedious, but the benefits of organising a weekly menu are several, from saving you money to helping you eating reasonably. Moreover it saves you the daily headache of thinking what to cook and if you have a family,  it also helps them to know what to expect.

Stretch your resources

Using the same ingredients for different meals is a trick as old as time but that we tend to forget when doing our weekly shopping.  This practise will allow you to buy better quality ingredients which might only sale in larger amounts .

Use frozen products as an additional help

Some frozen products can actually help you with your monthly shopping. An example are bakery products or frozen fruits for shakes, juices and desserts, but also frozen ready meals and certain frozen meats and fish which can be purchased in larger amounts and portioned throughout.  

Freeze your freshly prepared meals for another day

Cooking in bulk and freezing in Tupperware for another day  is a practise that will save you time and effort. Buying in larger quantities can help when batch cooking for cost effective pre

prepared meals in your freezer. 

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