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Luis & Salva… The story

We founded DeGusta in 2014 after being friends for 6 years. We have a shared passion for high quality food, cooking and people. Salva is from Valencia and Luis is from Seville, so we know all too well why the Mediterranean diet has become so popular!

Our relationship with our Spanish suppliers is a personal one; we know the farmers and producers, and together we can often predict the flavour variations based on many factors; but most often the weather. For us, bringing the flavours from Spain to your table is a privilege not a chore.

We have lived in Bristol for a combined total of 26 years and are now proud to call this city our home! Salva married an English nurse, and has 2 Spanglish kids, and Luis owns a flat in the city. We love the Bristol community, and supplying restaurants, shops, and delicatessens means we can spend our time talking about produce to chefs and shop owners, who are as excited and pedantic about it as us!!

When Covid-19 hit we struggled like many others, but saw an opportunity to diverse and offer our fine dining quality produce to people at home. And it turns out that there’s a lot of foodie people in Bristol who really appreciate the flavour and quality of fresh produce, picked in season, and imports such as our olive oil! And now we are happily running the two services side by side; please check out our reviews to see how we are doing.



Salva | Co-founder

Operational & Purchases Director


Luis | Co-founder

Financial & Sales Director



Accounts Department



Assistant Manager



Depot team | Team Leader



Depot team | Driver


Juan Mendez

Depot team | Driver


Our mission is to encourage seasonal eating in the UK, like we do in the Mediterranean. Supporting local producers, providing the highest quality produce, and outstanding service, and all this with as little impact to the environment as possible!


DeGusta champions local producers, and stocks a wide range of food and drink that is made right here in Bristol and the surrounding areas. You will find dairy, meat, beer, coffee, eggs, gin and more that has come from local producers we know and trust in our ever-expanding range. We actively seek out suppliers that also care about the environment, and play a vital role in reducing their carbon footprint, and supporting local communities.

What we can't, or don't produce in the UK, we import. Our exquisite Spanish imports are based on deals made directly with farmers and producers on their turf, and in their language (after allowing them

to explain their farming systems, and sampling their produce).

So we don’t have a ‘supply chain’; they call us, and we call them and that’s how it should be.

We don’t use air freight: our produce arrives by sea (or road where unavoidable) reducing our carbon footprint.

For some produce, plastic free is currently unavailable; but as a company we strive to avoid single use plastic in all areas and actively seek out suppliers that do the same.

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